Write a story about a day in your life

Many people have a story to tell. Write a sample day in the life. I soared with the birds majestically then nose-dived to scare my friend! Today I woke up and noticed that I felt very peculiar.

Writers can alternate paragraphs, times of day, or even perspectives on the goings on in your homeschool. Sentence 4: It was shocking to find out that That perspective might prove to be invaluable in your writing. In one study by McLeanolder adults had more thematic coherence, and told more stories about stability, while young adults tended to tell more stories about change.

Her second is on its way. Observation mingles with reverie. There were many a time that I feared I would never see you again. If this approach were a blueprint for an Ikea desk instead of a life, almost everyone trying to follow it would end up with something wobbly and misshapen, with a few leftover bolts you find under the couch, boding ill for the structural integrity of the thing you built.

If you find nothing of interest, put away your notes for a few days, even a week.

writing a life story examples

But just as there are consequences to telling, there are consequences to not telling.

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Essay on A Day in My Life