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Since the desktop is always present, items on the desktop can be accessed quickly, rather than requiring you to navigate through several directories.

Home theater[ edit ] These desktops are connected to home entertainment systems and typically used for amusement purpose. NOTE: The term "desktop" may also be short for desktop computer. In the s, the all-in-one style desktop gave way to computer towers that users could store on the floor under their desks.

How consumer desktops differ from enterprise desktops From a functional standpoint, there is no difference between a consumer desktop and an enterprise desktop. Because of their portability, notebook computers fall into a category of mobile computers - system small enough to be carried by their user.

These computers are easy to customize and upgrade per user requirements, e. A desktop computer often has the advantage over a comparable laptop in computational capacity.

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This shift led to the closure of the many desktop assembly plants in the United States by Because people frequently use this device on their lap, they are also called laptop computers. Not only do these tower cases have more room for expansion, they have also freed up desk space for monitors which were becoming larger every year.

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What is desktop computer?