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Daily newspapers continue to decline as TV grows stronger and as the internet also grows. For now, though, we continue to look forward. Video is part of that.

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We've been watching the web's impact on journalism for quite some time — both how the Internet is affecting newsrooms and newspapers and how it's changing the way viewers and readers get news.

Indeed, if the trends of the past 10 years continue for the next 10 years, then daily newspaper circulations could fall to a level equivalent to percent of households by Methods of traditional marketing can include print advertisements, such as newsletters, billboards, flyers and newspaper print ads.

Consumers are typically expecting to be entertained rather than made to work.

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Above all, they reflected the incontrovertible and eternal truth, almost entirely lost to our own age, that news is more urgent at some times than others. TV has the ability to spark a conversation, and advertisers wanting to start lots of conversations quickly have to consider television. Consolidation see: Sinclair is increasing, leading to cost savings. Video is part of that. Look at the raw figures, and newspapers seem gripped by terminal illness. Newspapers Television commercials account for Read any British daily paper with the sole exception of the Financial Times and you are assailed by examples of cruelty, injustice, falsehood, hypocrisy, greed and incompetence, sometimes in a single story. This elementary stage represents those readers who saw anything on the page. Newspaper advertising is passive. And as tablet makers, app makers and news outlets continue to perfect the news consumption experience on that form factor, we'll have a whole new breed to analyze and fret over this time next year. Nothing can be discussed or reported calmly. It could be seen that billions of people subscribe for the daily papers all over the world.

Newspapers The daily newspaper market suffered its first decline due to the initial growth of TV. From the report: Common wisdom says the local TV news audience is shrinking.

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All this is a world away from the straitjacket of newspaper publication.

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Infographic: Newspapers vs TV Channels