Trying to figure out what to write about

And, from a practical standpoint, publishers required them.

Writing prompts

Do a series of posts—or a teleclass—on those 10 things. So what I say is: Just write! What ideas do you like discussing on Twitter or Facebook? Write a backstory for the barista who always draws a lopsided heart in the foam of your soy latte. What did you want to be when you grew up? What kinds of support or techniques for dealing with stuff did you use and find helpful—or did you use and find completely unhelpful? What challenges are they facing? Either way, they're a rich topic resource. Fun, imaginative prompts are great for jump-starting creativity or unsticking your voice. While one intention I had for the group was to help members write more and better , I also wanted to help writers enjoy their writing journeys, rather than feel locked in a constant creative struggle. The healthier the rapport between you and your true self, the easier it becomes to choose your choices fully. Create a Synopsis When I first started writing, I always wrote a synopsis. Even if the list seems really unconnected when you first make it, come back to it after a few days and look at it again.

There is something psychologically freeing about knowing that the problem you are tackling has already been at least somewhat addressed in an outline. We have a natural tendency to anthropomorphize animals by imagining or assuming they have human characteristics, so take it to the extreme.

What types of problems do you solve even if they're never explicitly asked? No one wants to know more about what happens when Bigfoot goes vegan than I do. Instead of losing that contest, you won.

what should i write about

Write about or teach those techniques or solutions. You have this idea of a story in your head, glowing and golden and wonderful, and as soon as you try to set it down on the page, it turns into something plodding, gray, and feeble. Write about what your dog would be like if he were a person.

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