The role of parents in youth sport

While this is not intended to simply serve as a youth baseball parenting piece, it is written as one. Let them choose the time to talk. Prepared by Daniel F. It goes without saying that parents have an important role in the sporting development of their child. Johnny is WAY better than him.

We must understand the role of parents in youth sports, and how to be a good sports parent. Libman, S. During the preschool and elementary years, helping children develop basic skills such as running, jumping, kicking, and throwing is important for later skill development.

the role of parental involvement in youth sport participation and performance.

If you are there right now — cherish this moment. Human nature causes us to pay more attention to how our own flesh and blood performs on the field than the rest of the kids try as we may — and we should try — we cannot overcome this completely.

But, before you scream and yell and make a scene, ask yourself a few questions.

overbearing parents in youth sports

The atmosphere set by organizations, parents, and coaches is a major factor in deter-mining whether or not youth will have a positive experience in a sports program. Teams need leaders who play great, not stars with egos that focus only on their own talent.

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Parents Making Youth Sports a Positive Experience: Role Models