The play of the diary of anne frank essay

The story starts when Anne Frank receives a diary as a 13th birthday present, from her father, Otto Frank. For Anne upcoming birthday she requests a diary so that she can express her thoughts, feelings, and emotions that occur day to day in her daily life.

After her death, Anne becomes world famous because of the diary she wrote while in hiding. Her influence on World War II was based on her life experiences in hiding, and her diary.

In spite of their efforts to save themselves, all of the Franks and Van Daans are captured and sent to a concentration camp.

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These novels have had references to promoting witchcraft, religion, sex, insulting other races, and so on. In no time 30 million copies of the book was sold. For example, by watching the movie, we hear that the characters' lines are practically the same as to the characters' lines in the play, this in fact is a very big similarity.

The play of the diary of anne frank essay

However, her diary went on to become one of the most famous, most read books about the Holocaust Histoy. While in hiding, Anne kept a diary of her observations and experiences. Along with showing welcome, helpful is also an excellent trait that Mr. Considering this, it follows that she would helplessly give up scolding Anne. The diary of this young girl was published on in Dutch as Secret Annex. Anne Frank was one of over one million Frank, one of the Jews, is a welcoming, helpful, and a problem solver who helps the group to stay together and get over with hard times. Her life is seen in four different parts: before hiding, in hiding, in the camp, and the discovery of her diary. Kraler by smuggling supplies to them through living in the attic. It was also meaningful that the sole entrance to the theater was the bookcase; this contributed to the realism of the show for the audience. On the thirteenth birthday of Anne Frank, her parents presented her with a diary. Welcoming means to be gladly accept other people. Her diary was the only place she could really be herself Frank 1.

Without Anne we would never know what life was like in the holocaust, from a personal standpoint. She had lived most of her life in or around Amsterdam.

The diary belongs to Anne Frank, a real year old girl and spans a period of two years, from toduring which the girl and her family hides in Amsterdam under Nazi occupation.

Her sister died very shortly after that scene; Anne died a few days later

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The Play of the Diary of Anne Frank