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Williams was taken to a West Virginia hospital and he was officially declared dead at a.

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But, Hank also recorded novelty songs and blues-laments, country hymns and "story ballads". According to singer and recording artist Jo StaffordWilliams sent Eisenhower a birthday telegram on October 14 informing him that he considered it a personal honor to endorse a military figure to lead the nation in its coming future.

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Byhe was a local celebrity, but he was unable to make much headway nationally. Lemon he prescribed Williams with amphetaminesSeconalchloral hydrateand morphinewhich made his heart problems worse. Inthe Alabama State Supreme Court ultimately ruled in her favor and found her to be an equal heir, after an old document was recovered that showed Williams and Jett's mother had signed a shared custody agreement.

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Williams' funeral in Montgomery, Alabama, drew more than 20, mourners from all over the country. Williams had also married Audrey Sheppard before her divorce was final, on the tenth day of a required day reconciliation period. He had become a star. If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! The family also began collecting Lon's military disability pension and thus managed relatively well financially throughout the Depression. The relationship between Hank and Audrey Williams also grew tense, as allegations of mutual infidelities flew. Lawsuits continued into the late s between Hank Williams, Jr. On January 1, , Williams was pronounced dead. For years, these bastardized versions were the only records in print, and only in the '80s, when his music was released on compact disc, was his catalog restored to its original form.

Also in under the name Luke the Drifter, Hank recorded a series of spiritual recordsHank racked up hits inbeginning with the Top Ten hit "Dear John" and its number one flip side, "Cold, Cold Heart".

Williams, Roger M.

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Since the revelation of her famous father, she initiated legal claims to his estate and battled her half-brother, who refused to acknowledge her for a long time. He allegedly bought some songs under shady circumstances and called them his own. In May, Audrey and Hank were officially divorced. His passing did not bring about the end to his stardom, however. He moved into his mother's boarding house in Montgomery, Alabama. Hank would sing convincingly about having a rowdy time "Honky Tonkin'" and womanizing "Hey Good Lookin'" , but his religious songs conveyed a sense of real piety and repentance, most particularly, the title track to the album "I Saw The Light. His mother moved the family to Montgomery, AL, in , where she opened a boarding house. A heavy drinker since his late teens, Hank proved to be an undependable performer when be began showing up for concerts drunk, and sometimes didn't show up at all. In ways that must have seemed unimaginable to this poor country boy, Williams' life quickly changed. Hank always had a song to sing. It also provided the title of the Hollywood movie of Hank's life, starring George Hamilton. What began with Williams writing material for singer Molly O'Day eventually gave way to a record contract with the recently created MGM label.

Inhis father began suffering from face paralysis, and doctors determined that the cause was a brain aneurysm. Rose became the singer's manager and record producer.

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He also frequently destroyed property and played with guns. When his year-old chauffeur pulled over at an all-night service station in Oak Hill, West Virginia, he discovered that Williams was unresponsive and becoming rigid. The marriage, always turbulent, rapidly disintegrated, and Williams developed serious problems with alcohol, morphine, and other painkillers prescribed for him to ease the severe back pain caused by his spina bifida. All his band members were drafted to serve in the military, and the promising young singer, still a teenager, was beginning to have problems controlling his drinking. In those four short years, he established the rules for all the country performers who followed him and, in the process, much of popular music. Hank was scheduled to play a concert in Canton, OH, on January 1, Williams was taken to a West Virginia hospital and he was officially declared dead at a.
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