The lack of love and the uselessness of money in achieving happiness in the rocking horse winner a s

One is to continue to accumulate more and more.

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When she actually saw what he had accomplished, her heart quailed. So he took her to El Paso for three months. Her gallant affairs were part of her modern necessity. The young man looked at her, and she imagined the same faint spark of derision in his eyes. That's my advice. The secretary, of course, adored him. Any duck will do. But she had no will of her own. Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. And the young man would bring her sweetened drink, often the same emetic drink, but sometimes other kinds. Then they laid her on a couch under another great indecipherable image of red and black and yellow, and now rubbed all her body with sweet-scented oil, and massaged all her limbs, and her back, and her sides, with a long, strange, hypnotic massage. When he married he was over forty, and had enough money to marry on. And at length they turned and looked at the woman.

The old man walked straight across the square to the big house at the end, where the two upper storeys, as in a house of toy bricks, stood each one smaller than the lower one. She thought he was going to die, and that he knew it.

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Passing on, they were in a network of small gardens, full of flowers and herbs and fruit trees, each garden watered by a tiny ditch of running water. You smile because it is fun. So he took her to El Paso for three months.

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The anger flew like a madness into her eyes, she went white at the gills. Vaillant explains defenses as the mental equivalent of a basic biological process. Hope is important because it make the present moment less difficult to bear. There it was, all small and perfect, looking magical, as any place will look magical, seen from the mountains above. You seemed unable to grow up, the therapist said. So thought the wife. And he, as quickly covered, covered himself with a subtle smile. This was probably because they were too deeply buried and I unwilling and afraid to face them. She ate hastily, gave her horse some pieces of oil-seed cake, and set off again. She could see through the bars of the gate-door of her house, the red flowers of the garden, and a humming bird.

Nearer and nearer she came upon the drums, as to a lair of mysterious animals. When the silver went dead, he ran a ranch lower down, some twenty miles away, and raised pure-bred hogs, splendid creatures.

More and more her ordinary personal consciousness had left her, she had gone into that other state of passional cosmic consciousness, like one who is drugged. And, on the other extreme, a man at 20 who appears impossibly wounded may turn out to be gestating toward maturity.

Yet what she wondered, all the time, was why she persisted in clinging and crawling along these mile-long sheets of rock.

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What Makes Us Happy?