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Some of the famous East African game parks have turned into a pile of dust by the tourists. For example, more than half of income from currency exchange and tax revenues in Bermuda is at the expense of tourism.

Goeldner eds. A problem that has sometimes emerged, especially in the Gulf countries, is that tourism may be a reasonably high status occupation because of the fun element to itbut hospitality may not be.

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The Impacts of Tourism on Natural Resources. Tourism Development: Principles, Processes, and Policies.

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The extent, to which these products are manufactures or assembled in this particular area, provides an economic impact on the local economy. Widely traveled individuals are tolerant of the differences and tend to be more easygoing. Secondly, although being less beneficial, but still having the right for existence, the support of the industry and its professions such as consultants of effective management, tourism and university teachers, etc.

The marine ecosystems suffer from garbage disposal by hotels and littering by tourists, oil spills from cruise ships and other motorized boat traffic, etc.

It is necessary to admit that unsustainable intensive tourism development often leads to some local environmental catastrophes.

Backpackers often stay on islands or at other beach resorts as mini break from harder travelling within their larger trips around the region. Governments use the model of economic impact to evaluate how tourism has increased the number of jobs in the areas of goods and services consumption.

Economic advantages of tourism The most obvious advantage of tourism is creation of jobs in hotels, restaurants, retail shops and transport service organizations.

In addition, the arrival of the tourists increases the cost of the essential goods for the locals.

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