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In conclusion, the road rage in the world, especially in the united states is a major problem.

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The fact that road rage originated from United States does not imply that is limit to American nations only. Most people have the tendency of taking things the wrongly and as a result, the term road rage was developed.

Road rage is an act of aggression that can destroy the life of an innocent driver, but current research is helping drivers cope with the stress of everyday life on the road They are the method of transportation for everyday traveling.

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That's road-rage. Get Essay What people need to realize though, is that just like any other emotion, it causes you to focus on it, which in turn causes you to lose focus on whatever you may be doing at the time, which in this case is driving. Not all incidents of road rage can be attributed to a mental disorder, however. People get hyper very easily these days, and thus they drive aggressively on roads short essay on road rage it unsafe for others. Road rage covers a multitude of hostile acts committed by angry or frustrated drivers, from deliberate tailgating to vehicular homicide. For the receiving end of the conflict, the obvious thing would be to try working on anger management. The Scope of Road Rage Most road rage incidences are as a result of misunderstanding or ignorance like failure of a driver to look on road before taking a turn or forgetting to switch of turn signal after a turn. Generally, all road rage causes are related to stress and time factors. Will define road rage against the bus driver, discussing road rage. However, not all of these accidents are regular car crashes; a significant percentage of cases when drivers get hurt or die is caused by a phenomenon widely known as road rage.

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Essay on Road Rage