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If they seem questionable, avoid making decisions based on them.

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I seek well-being for myself and others. Some might consider it bragging. I am trustworthy.

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But I began to see how the person I was beginning to understand could outflank old John and attack the cause of the drinking. What this looks like, exactly, can be up to you and your personal situation. If you find a free assessment or low-cost assessment you want to use, scrutinize your results carefully. Instead, step 4 — personal inventory — is just one aspect of a more holistic approach to treating addiction and just part of the process. But taking the time to figure out what your dreams are and how who you are fits into those dreams can help you uncover your potential. I am serene. Take a personality test Personality tests are a great way to flesh out your personal inventory.

It could also be re-created occasionally to see if changes should be made to the current plan for success. A personal inventory can help you get a strong sense of who you are, so you can build an action plan to achieve your dreams.

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Remember to start with positive adjectives. Keeping these motives front and center in your mind will help you when the going gets rough. I do not gossip, nor speak ill of others who are not in my presence.

My sense of moral virtue is integrated and well balanced.

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These twelve steps bring an individual struggling with addiction from the point of admitting that they have a problem to empowering themselves to overcome the negative effects of addiction in their life. All of my sexual encounters have been entirely voluntary and reflect my good judgment. This, I knew, was impossible. I enjoy my liberty. How do these past resentments affect my current self? I am not a coward. However, I respectfully require due diligence whenever the risks are truly unacceptable. How do I see my relationships with other people? I communicate fully, accurately, clearly, and truthfully, without intent of deception or manipulation. We regularly enjoy sex together. Are there tools for taking personal inventory in recovery? I refuse to inflict pain on others, speak or act violently, harass, exploit, or denigrate others.

I use good judgment to find the balance between gullibility and suspicion. I am truthful and I value truthfulness.

Personal inventory

There are many in-depth scientific strengths assessments available. What have you worked on for yourself? They often reveal strengths and weaknesses for each personality type, giving you insight as to why you act the way you do which is a great thing to understand when it comes to setting and achieving goals. I have never abused anyone. If you find a free assessment or low-cost assessment you want to use, scrutinize your results carefully. How to Take a Personality inventory If you are working with a career counselor or other career development professional, he or she may offer to administer a personality inventory as part of a complete self-assessment. Add those adjectives to the list. Alcoholics Anonymous is based on thestep process of recovery. For in-depth study of moral virtue, study the Wikiversity Course on Virtues. Moral Virtues[ edit ] Moral virtue is excellence at being human; it is excellence in being for the good. Others worry about carrying all the weight on their own shoulders, so they seek out business partners, joint venture partners and mentors. In addition I strive to be just, tolerant, wise, and act in good faith. Progress could be recorded, which would provide additional motivation. I am grateful for all that is.

Taking a personal inventory means reflecting inwardly and taking stock of what makes you, you. It allows them to cut past lies and misconceptions set up by the power of drugs and alcohol.

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Taking Personal Inventory