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Pesticides used for pest control in agricultural operations can also contaminate surface as well as ground-water resources. This is despite the fact that 40 percent of all trips in Lahore are made on foot. For this, a family planning emergency must be triggered and must be enforced.

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Poverty also producing a social crisis in native society, the gap between rich and poor is widening within Pakistan. The government has responded by upgrading many urban roads. Energy Crisis Electricity is the major Problem Pakistan facing today.

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According to the World Health Organization, Karachi is the most polluted city in Pakistan with air twice as polluted as that of Beijing. USIP works to support and shape international policies and programs that promote peace and tolerance within Pakistan, between Pakistan and its neighbors, and between Pakistan and the United States. A lack of clean drinking water remains a major contributor to the high mortality rate of children under five years old. Water and Sanitation In most Pakistani cities, water is supplied only four to 16 hours per day and to only 50 percent of the population. Handling this water crisis will not be easy. Load Shedding deliberate blackouts and power blackouts have become severe in Pakistan in recent years. Medicines, Proper hygienic food and purified water are not acceptably available to common people. The most important thing that should be focused on is strengthening the democracy. Only an educated nation can survive and combat with its issues because every dawn comes after darkness. Pakistan has more potential to be a developed country earlier than India. It is necessary that work on the Kalabagh and Diamer-Basha Dams be completed at the earliest possible opportunity. Land use. Out of every hundred rupees of our national income, we consume 85 rupees and save only 15 rupees, which means that the amount of money which is available to invest for economic growth and advancement is too little. However, infrastructure for the most common modes of travel in Pakistan — such as pavements for walking or special lanes for bicycles — either does not exist or has been encroached upon.

Land use. Majority of the people forming the top controlling tier is almost unaware of technologies and technical mindset. Despite it being rich on raw resources thus far Pakistan is a developing country with limited development in every era due to the problems it faces.

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The Current Situation in Pakistan