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Last week I completed my latest work experience placement at Peterborough City Hospital.

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Similarly, a prospective nurse anesthetist will be expected to shadow an anesthesiologist. How To Get Shadowing Experience as a Premed Shadowing a doctor is a great way to find out if a career in medicine is right for you.

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Do some initial research. One doctor I was with told me that it is important to be empathetic with patients. I am happy to say that my shadowing experiences have really solidified my goals to become a Primary Care Physician. This keeps things interesting and allows you to see a wide variety of cases in a short space of time, making it an invaluable learning opportunity for a student like me. But shadowing is more than just a resume builder. Gaining exclusive insight into the perks and challenges of being a physician may help you to decide your college major, going to medical school, and what medical specialty interests you. August 14, 5 min read This summer, I was privileged to spend time shadowing a physician in-clinic for several weeks. I treated this position like an internship — I showed up early, stayed late, dressed professionally, and did homework more than I thought I would be doing! Do you know of any friends whose parents are a doctor? If you have already exhausted your contacts, start by making a list of medical specialties that you want to explore or are interested in pursuing. But I often found that even though people were using our services, there rarely was a dire emergency. If you plan to pursue this medical path, start contacting physicians for shadowing opportunities right away. Go down your list and contact everyone.

This involved, among other things, a very detailed explanation of the types, causes and treatments of femoral fractures. Always learn from your mistakes but also realize sometimes things are out of your hands when all else fails.

When writing an email request, communicate why you want to shadow the physician and set a clear start and end date for the experience. I really benefited from being able to ask questions, and wish I could go back in time to my earlier surgical shadowing opportunities where I was extremely shy and afraid of asking the wrong thing!

A student at UNC-Chapel Hill, she is pursuing her undergraduate education in biology and economics with a minor in chemistry. Some of the SHOs in Orthopaedics that I followed were scheduled to work two thirteen hour days in a row on call, and then alternate between half a day in theatre and half a day ward cover for the rest of the week, minus a day off.

This application cycle has been quite stressful for me, and I was really looking for a shadowing position where I could remind myself why I wanted to go to medical school in the first place.

On television, doctors are usually portrayed as the center of medicine, but from my shadowing, I know patients are the real focus of the medical world. Stop by the office.

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5 things I Learned From Shadowing Doctors