Localization project manager

The Project Manager also evaluates the performance and quality of the deliverables of each individual translator and editor. As you can see a Project Manager is vital to the success of any translation or localization project.

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Both you and the translation team need to know important bits of information throughout the course of a project. This will give them more time for building a personal relationship with the client.

A Project Manager Assembles The Translation Or Localization Team Do you need native language, in-country subject matter experts in 10 or 20 different languages and locales?

Localization project manager

A good Project Manager always performs a post-project assessment, where the Project Manager reviews the quality of the deliverables, summarize lessons learned, and may make recommendations for future process improvements.

Project Management is essentially risk mitigation. A translation or localization Project Manager is responsible for overall schedule and budget performance, selection and management of the translation team, ensuring the quality of translation work, and serving as the primary point of contact for the client throughout the project.

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Netflix is a global product and our Localization team needs to scale to support that. A Project Manager ensures fast response to last-minute requests or unforeseen document changes. You have a demonstrated ability to manage priorities and projects and the right mix of organizational and communication skills. They will also prepare and monitor quality assurance checklists to make sure any potential challenges will be remembered and addressed. Project Managers take on the risks that come naturally with these projects, freeing you from unnecessary problems, pressures and anxiety, while improving both the process and the final outcome. The Project Manager also evaluates the performance and quality of the deliverables of each individual translator and editor. In order to keep you from wondering what has happened with your translation project once you hired your translation team, a good Project Manager will provide customized reports and status updates throughout the project. A lot of students have internships that give them experience. However, if you are a newcomer or have just graduated, and you want to get some experience, then it is a great opportunity. Why is this considered a move upwards compared to the work of linguists who are the industry lifeblood? One is you were a translator, but wanted to do something else — become an editor, for example, or start to manage translators. This in no way undermines the value of all the other industry players, especially linguists who do the actual translation work.
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