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I know how I would feel if someone let a person I loved die. It still is traditional among certain nomadic peoples of central Asia. To ascertain the implications of kidnapping on the children and women in Abia State. K ed , Port Harcourt, Cladik press. The action of the younger brother, Abel and the acceptance of God attracted the anger of the elder brother. There were cases were the kidnappers board the boat of travelers in order to perfect their heinous crime. This could be referred to as psychosis. This research is also important in trying to proffer solution to the government, religious bodies and the citizenry on how to curb the menace of kidnapping not only in Abia State but the Nigerian nation as a whole. Ejizu ed. Now, Fronczak is left wondering exactly who he and the FBI, which initially handled the case, has re-opened it. This particular case triggered a frantic diplomatic activity to obtain her release. Leppert was a model who specialized in swimsuit wear, and had won more than beauty contests by the time she reached 16, according to the website Unsolved. They were release 6 days later unharmed. Funny enough, kidnapping which could be likened to glorified armed robbery, has today graduated from fighting for the right of the region to include all forms of criminalities including killing and maiming. How will any reasonable investor come and invest in a country where several other international companies are winding up?

On the part of the citizens, there is need for re-orientation to the effect that kidnapping is devilish and that kidnappers are bound to suffer death penalty when caught.

The committee had discussed the various possibilities many times over the past three weeks since the kidnapping took place. The kidnappers either pretend to be worshippers or hang around the Church premises to perpetrate their plan. It is also a moral value since good conduct is required of human beings if the order, harmony and equilibrium are to be maintained.

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The spread of kidnapping to other parts of the country is believed to be a fall out of the military confrontation between the militants and the federal government. Hakeem Jamiu Media wikipedia defines the term thus: It refers to forceful abduction of a human being with the intention to hold them for ransom, or seize them away for the motive of harassment physically or mentally or sexually , taking them hostage and various other motives. Having looked at these theories, it is not enough to conclude that all these are relevant to the Nigerian Abia State scenario in explaining kidnapping and crime. The effect according to the report was not only the death of some persons Church members who attempted to prevent the supposed kidnappers but a decline in the number of members for fear of another attack. Chapter four dealt with the trend of women and children kidnapping, religious and cultural implications in Abia State. She was last said to be talking on a pay phone to her boyfriend outside a grocery store about p. The result is that many youth are now interested in the kidnapping business. If they refused, there would be other reprisals. The executive committee kept in contact with the kidnappers through its field director in the Philippines and tried to negotiate a peaceful settlement.

The resultant effect is that more people are lured into crime as the saying goes; an idle mind is the devils workshop. Chapter one is the introduction of the work with the following sub- headings -background of the study, Statement of the Problem, Purpose of the Study, Research Methodology, Scope of the Study, Limitations as well as Significance of the Study.

The Osisikama kidnappers were also arrested and crushed by a joint military taskforce. In the first place, kidnapping of children and other categories of people is a source of the violation of human rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The kidnappers demanded a large sum of money and a promise from the mission that all their missionaries would leave the area.

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Some family members began urging the mission to pay the ransom secretly.

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