Introduction to community health nursin

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Effective health worker irrespective of position or place of work, functions as a team. In community health nursing, the whole community is the client.

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Community is a highly important habitat of man. To conduct research and contribute to the further refinement and improvement of community health nursing practice. Community health nurses deal with clients in a holistic manner, working with them wherever they are on the health — illness continuum.

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The community heath nurse must be capable to performing multiple role functions of the setting of employment. The nature of this practice is general and comprehensive. It involves interdisciplinary collaboration i. Both used interchangeably. By s, PHN was acquiring more professional status. The consumer movement has increases the public's concern for quality health services as consumers have assumed responsibility for their own health, the community health nurse became a catalyst to assist client toward autonomy in health. It is continuous and not episodic. Is based in the community in a range of settings, wherever there is a need for support, information and education. CHN deals with the new roles, including independent practice. Individual and families participate fully in all decision making relating to attainment of health. Community health nursing promotes self care responsibility.

Nurses gained more autonomy. It involves interdisciplinary collaboration i. Therefore, nursing directed to individuals, families or groups contributes to the health of the total population.

Introduction to community health nursin

Contd…: Contd … Professional relationships and etiquette are essential in community health services. Community is a social system. Health is related to individual. Principles of Community Health Nursing : Principles of Community Health Nursing Community health nursing is community focused, it is therefore essential to know the defined community, make a map and essential effective working relationship. Nurses the temp. Community health nurse is responsible for family centered care rather than an individual oriented one. Avoiding role confusion, new kinds of responsibilities were defined. All served by voluntary organizations. To analyze the characteristics of community health nursing. At this stage the responsibility shifted to the government.

In community health, community is in focus and than the individual which is the unit of all health care services. Health education. Continuous services are effective services and community health nurse must provide continuous health services. Well developed system of records and reports is essential for community health services.

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