How to write api in c sharp

NET MVC 4 Application using Web Deploy This appendix will show you how to create a new web site from the Azure Portal and publish the application you obtained by following the lab, taking advantage of the Web Deploy publishing feature provided by Azure.

Inside the Supermarket.

C# rest api server

This technique is called code first. Put in the following details: Site name, "webapi. To define an expected behavior for something in C and in other object-oriented languages, such as Java, for example , we define an interface. Take note of the server name and URL, administrator login name and password, as you will use them in the next tasks. We need to think in an asynchronous method due to the fact that we have to wait for the database to complete some operation to return the data, and this process can take a while. Add config. The ModelState. Then, click Add. Then, add a new interface called ICategoryRespository. We have a lot of conventions, right? We also have to create the product model. Thanks to EF Core tracking mechanism , when we load a model from the database, the framework knows which relationships the model has. We need a resource to represent only our categories, without the products. We expect that this method returns all existing categories in the database. EnableCors ; config.

In User name type your server administrator login name. Right-click the Controllers folder in the project and select Add Controller from the context menu.

how to create web api in c#

NET Core dependency injection mechanism. Validating connection In the Settings page, under the Databases section, click the button next to your database connection's textbox i.

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DependencyInjection To use AutoMapper, we have to do two things: Register it for dependency injection; Create a class that will tell AutoMapper how to handle classes mapping. The Contact object being sent to the Web API from the client Step through the method in the debugger until the response variable has been created.

web api example with database

Add a new class there called BaseResponse. The product also has properties for the Id and name.

How to create web api in c# with database

API directory, create a new folder called Domain. Press F5 to continue. Press F5 to run the application. Select the Body tab. NET Web Application. Adding breakpoints to the contact controller When the application starts, the Main method, from the Program class, is called.

Prefer to use composition over inheritance. We have to implement it almost the same way we did for the categories repository, except that we need to return the respective category data of each product when querying data.

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Tutorial: Create a web API with Core