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I propose that the national election day be made an official university holiday, so that students, faculty and staff at all levels can be freed from their obligations and encouraged to vote and participate in our democratic process.

We should not be satisfied with a "democracy" in which more than 60 percent of our people don't vote and some 80 percent of young people and low-income Americans fail to vote. What we need is a massive petition drive on college campuses across the nation to make this happen.

Time to seek answers on demonetisation, jobs, destruction of traders n destroying brotherhood amongst different communities - Arvind Kejriwal ArvindKejriwal March 10, pm: Phase 7 of Lok Sabha elections: Important dates Polls will be held on May 19 in a total of 59 constituencies spread across 8 states.

Yet, as is well known, voters aged 18 to 29 have by far the lowest voter participation rate of approximately 45 percent in recent presidential elections and only 20 percent or lower in "off-year" elections.

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Yet inthey made up only six percent of all voters, diluting their electoral strength by more than half. Bernie Sanders has proposed a bill to designate "Democracy Day" as a national election holiday to make it easier for Americans to vote.

Countless other students and workers who do manage to cast their ballots would love to be even more involved in the process — whether by driving elderly neighbors to the polls, helping illiterate voters understand their ballots, or serving as a poll watcher to deter foul play — but can't afford to skip class or take off a shift.

The ElectionCommission of India is likely to announce the Lok Sabha elections schedule dates today. Despite low turnout among young voters, colleges and universities have historically been loci of student-led activism and protests.

Co-sponsor Bernie's bill to establish a "Democracy Day" national holiday. After all, we are a community of students: pursuing excellence in learning and naturally well-versed in emerging media and communication technology.

College presidents, stop giving speeches about civic engagement and put the full weight of your institution behind it. Pro-BJP groups spent over Rs 2. Stories about new voter identification laws and aggressive purges of registration rolls fill newspaper headlines on a daily basis, and rightfully so.

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