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Works on your existing equipment Forscene is the cloud video platform of choice for broadcast, sport, news, corporate and education media makers across the globe.

forscene editing services

Forscene cloud servers[ edit ] The server infrastructure on the Forscene backbone network referred to as the cloud dedicated to Forbidden's customers are distributed over numerous locations and handle around 10, hours of new video content each week. Mobile player[ edit ] Forscene can publish mobile content for its Symbian mobile player, Formobile.

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As the Java front end does most of the work during editing, and the upload software does the compression work, the server is lightly loaded and can support many users at the same time. With Forscene you have the power to store, review, log, edit and export professional video footage on-demand, easily and securely — on any PC, Mac or tablet Agile collaboration saves you time and money Forscene provides you with a central point of access to video footage — enabling anytime, anywhere collaboration. But all events call for distributing race highlights packages to fans quickly. These act as one system, increasing both effective capacity and redundancy. Mobile interfaces[ edit ] Native apps for the Android and IOS platforms implement the same functionality and look and feel as the Java interface. Users only pay for what they use, and can scale usage up or down. Integration makes it possible to customize the content in different ways. Forscene integrates with sports and conventional editing systems, and may be used to help shorten turnaround times. For greater clarity, you have the option to work with a high-resolution proxy, or enjoy the best of both worlds by swapping between the two.

Forscene integrates with sports and conventional editing systems, and may be used to help shorten turnaround times. Live video streams are transcoded and uploaded into the Forscene cloud by the crew at the sports event, making the content available to the Lucas Oil editorial team anywhere in the world, over a standard internet connection.

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Both link directly back to your original source. Forbidden Technologies supplies its Blackbird decoder in the form of a Java player.

At the beginning of this year the company launched Lucas Oil Racing TV - a direct-to-consumer platform for motor racing content, to accommodate OTT viewing.

Forbidden works with organisations like Sony, EVS and deltatre to provide live-event clients with end-to-end solutions.

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