Factors contributing to the growth of

However, there are countries that have few natural resources, but high per capita income, such as Saudi Arabia, therefore, their economic growth is very high.

As such, empirical investigation into these aspects of small business in different countries is needed because the findings of such research are useful to economic development planners as well as to individual entrepreneurs in the countries concerned.

four factors of economic growth

Financial engineers consider financial engineering as pervasive spanning across design of innovative financial instruments, financing merger and acquisition deals, corporate restructuring, derivative trading strategies etc.

The efficient utilization or exploitation of natural resources depends on the skills and abilities of human resource, technology used and availability of funds.

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factors contributing to the growth of service sector in india

Producing and acquiring all these manmade products is termed as capital formation. Moreover, some of these studies seem to be supported by anecdotal rather than by systematic empirical evidence.

Technological development helps in increasing productivity with the limited amount of resources. Financial Institutions and Markets, 2nd ed. Governments have enacted various labour laws for the welfare of the workers.

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5 Factors that Affect the Economic Growth of a Country