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Staffing and Training In just 12 months Disney had to recruit, hire, train, and house 12, cast members. Uncertainty avoidance The dimension Uncertainty Avoidance has to do with the way that a society deals with the fact that the future can never be known: should we try to control the future or just let it happen?

what led the walt disney company to believe that its theme parks would be successful internationally

The former lets the boss accept personal responsibility, whereas the latter can make the form of joint responsibility. Market Analysis and Market Research Market Analysis and Market Research are the first and most vital steps that a company must take before entering a new market.

No gigantic competitors in this sector 2. This increase is also evident in some post-Soviet republics such as Russia.

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Jean-Rene Bernard, the chief French negotiator, said he was astonished when Mr. Universal Studio. In addition, also the dress code requirements did not meet the French standards in work environments. Substitutes: Low, Substitutes include zoos and museums which don't match the theme park emergence. Top management had previous knowledge of things to expect. Disney should have considered all uncontrollable forces that was around them; for example French as well as other European culture , over-valued Franc due to recession. Therefore, Disneyland is a great cross-cultural lesson for students and business man around the world. Guided Missile Culture A culture that is characterized by a strong emphasis on equality in the workplace and orientation to the task. Second, food and fashion offerings changed. There are many aspects of this exercise that can be brought back to a single statement: Know your customer. The Disney merchandise is also widely available for sale in the shopping complex. Malaysia practices parliamentary democracy and has a three-tier government structure: federal, state and local. The USAs culture is belonging to Explicit national cultures, which make a decision with a low context manner; while France is focusing on Implicit national cultures, which take a command with a high context manner. Operational Errors Disney committed many different operational errors that affected directly their performance.

A big problem was to train the cast members after hire them, all employees were giving a human resource training and a training specifically job requirements, a big challenge for Disney was to implement the have a nice day mentality and teaching 12, European employees to smile the Disney smile all day Burgoyne, A careful and tactful planning keeping in mind the whole cultural dimensions deduced from the researches made by Hofstede and Trompenaars would enable an enterprise to perform effectively across the globe.

In what way has Trompenaars' research helped explain cultural differences between the United States and France?

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As a consequence, the perceived context in which Americans find themselves will impact their behavior more than if the culture would have either scored higher or lower. Motivated by the success of its three theme parks, Disney did not realize that French were a part of a distinct culture and its methods may not work there.

It is the most visited theme park in France as well as Europe.

what location would you recommend for disney?s next theme park in asia? why?
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The Euro Disneyland Case Essay