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Although the graphics of the film are outdated, this detail is overlooked by its brilliant storyline, theme and the acting Dickens makes it very clear that Pip does not reach maturity until he frees himself from these notions that had been set upon him, and begins to see past the overt attributes associated with station Another character, Herbert Pocket experienced a bizarre childhood, though in a different manner. The first impression Pip has about Estella is also characterized by ambiguity: he thinks she is pretty but she is proud. Mary died in One of them is the main character, Pip, who ultimately goes through the most character development with the help of outside forces and developed, minor characters. Dickens conveys this shaping of the individual through the main character, Pip, and the different worlds he lives in, the experiences and interaction with other characters he has. Her father was a naval lieutenant Webster What hooks you? Survival should have been the prioritize of the chaotic world that Lauren lives in; however, gender, race, and class persist Related posts:. This is what happens to Pip. Nevertheless, Pip becomes deluded that the identity the forge offers to him is not for him, but that he is destined to become a gentleman. He lives with her and her husband, Joe Gargery, who is a Blacksmith.

The moment of realization. He moves from being an innocent, ignorant adolescent to a snobbish, arrogant young man later growing more humble after many years ridden with guilt Pip is the prodigal son who ungratefully leaves his home and squanders all his wealth The destructive plague stole during midnight—it stole lives.

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He does surprise Pip though, by keeping his tongue and not turning him in It seems as though Estella did this whenever she finds Pip share her situation or her opinions. This is additionally used by Dickens to reveal the importance of family and parents; knowing your origins when growing up can help a person achieve contentment, an insight likely to be derived from his own broken family background.

According to Miss Havisham love is, The different types of love and their roles in Pips life is represented differently by the different characters Magill, p.

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Estella tends to search for the company of the winners in society, the people who have a good position and wealth. There are three types of love explained in the novel: Intimacy which encompasses feelings of closeness and connectedness, as in a family; Passion which is the true love that lasts; and Commitment, which is the love that does not last and is not the true love Even before Pip is introduced to Miss Havisham the tone for their first meeting is set as Pip is first given the idea of Miss Havisham from the house which she lives in Further, power plays in every aspect of the world. That night it was established that Pip had to look for Estella when she went to London. How appalling is this. It is Joe who teaches Pip many of the fundamental Christian values, embedded deep within Pip, that are at times forgotten but surface again towards the end of the novel. In this chapter, Pip finds Estella very changed and prettier, Estella also thinks Pip is very changed. Some people never do.

There are several characters which much be considered whilst deciding who was most influential.

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