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Worryingly, many Indian cities find themselves in the midst of an air pollution crisis. Instrumental records of climatic elements are available only for the last hundred years or so. This increasing heat affects the lives of human beings, plants and animals even many species have been endangered.

This activity includes increased solar wind and phenomena like auroras and magnetic storms that are correlated with the solar winds, increased flares and prominences, and increased non-thermal radio and X- ray emissions. This is an old indigenous community, where most people continue to live in their ancestral homes.

It does have features that make it a great place for tourism.

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Soil Moisture: Decrease in soil moisture in the northern plains of India and the consequent increase in saline affected areas would affect the Agricultural production by about 15 per cent.

For this reason, the earth has a number of environmental problems, such as the sea level rise, extreme events and unreasonable energy use Lifestyle in many cities in Nepal is not as modernized as surrounding countries in Asia. The average elevation of glaciers in the Southern Alps of New Zealand moved upward about meters in the 20th century.

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The largest anomalies have been noticed over the preceeding decade, confirming that relentless development and infrastructure-building have altered the climate. Malaria and Vector-Borne Diseases Concerns over the spread of vector-borne diseases in India are well founded, with 96 percent of the population exposed to malaria and over 2 million annual cases.

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Essay: Climate Change in India