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Most of the farmers are not interested in free electricity and water. We find him working on his field sowing, ploughing or reaping in biting cold as well as in the host winds of summer. It is made of mud. She use nothing for her ornamental, because her husband can not afford that.

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Government should help them with money, implements and good seeds. When the crop ripens, he feels happy He reaps it, thrashes it and takes the corn to the market. He works there all day without caring of the hardships of weather. His future is bright. They use to work under the heat of the sunlight and also in the rain. His cattle are his most valuable property If there is a drought, the crops fail and he is in trouble. Now-a-days, in a number of states, the days of ploughing the fields with the help of oxen are almost over except for the farmers who are — too poor to purchase a tractor. The scorching heat of the sun. Such steps are in the right direction and will help the farmers in the long run. Pucca houses are rare.

The farmer is fond of festivities. This is the reason of the biggest problem of this land, that is, unemployment.

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Most of them still live under the poverty line. They do not have such the facility that they can complete their need. More and more improvements are daily talking place. He reaps it, thrashes it and takes the corn to the market. They do not get full return of their yield and they continue to be poor and neglected. Frequently, rains cause floods which destroy crops. When the crops get ready for the cutoff the they reaps the crops and took that home.

But the farmers of the new generation are mostly educated. His wife is the women who do the lots of the sacrifices for their families.

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