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And our solution in this problem is recycling. The reason I say this is because throughout history corporations got away with literally murdering our environment by following weak laws and having very few standards Manalac, Sharon M.

E-Parisaraa has developed a circuit to extend the life of tube lights.

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And while the pollution in China can also be attributed to any number of unclean industrial practices, the issue of e-waste should not be put off for later handling.

While this description is accurate, it is slightly ambiguous about the length of time before a device can actually be considered waste. In recent years changing of electronic equipment become faster due to obsolescence and fashion Deathe et al.

It is an unstoppable process termed as progress, when new gadgets evolve and develop, old electronic appliances become useless and out of date. It is known that rubbish is the biggest problem for the earth that all people concern about. An estimate of 50 million tons of E-waste is produced each year Sthiannopkao S,

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