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Young Allie is played by Rachel McAdams.

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In this novel, Theresa Osborne, who is the main character is grieving the end of her eight-year marriage. The Notebook By Nicholas Sparks - The Notebook The Notebook was a phenomenal film with incredible performances and many heartfelt moments from beginning to end. The theme of the novel is the main thing that affects his writing style I love watching this movie, although I cry every time I watch it. She comes back the next day and they row out in the lake, they talk about the summer that they spent together and it begins to rain. There really not — no word to describe as this cinema does You to feel, but one this is because certainly… This will do You to be felt. Noah begged Allie to stay with him but Allie said that she had a fiance waiting at the hotel that she owes an explanation to. They both think the echo deep in their own heart, that which lasted all these years, not wide-spread others. This movie came out in Despite handling the death of the Clutters in different manners, determination of finding the murderer and staying attentive averted Holcomb from chaos. He begins to read about a young girl named Allie Rachel McAdams who was visiting a cousin one summer in the late s

He dedicates his life to caring for Allie, while enjoying this, caregivers must also be aware of limitations and burn out. Two different life spans are shown in the story, and the power of love crossing separation, illness and the fear of decline in this book and movie is shown both in am amazing way.

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This means that the human brain changes the way it functions according to the information manipulated by neurons The script of Notebook movie also strongly differs from the book because of the ending. Allie and Noah lose touch and Noah and Fin go off to War while Allie goes to school and volunteers to nurse injured soldiers back to health. Nicholas Sparks grew up in several different places as a child in a poor but educationally rich family and is now a best selling love novelist. Do you maintain your ideal weight. This is a love story that is composed of a series of obstacles between two young people that are madly in love with each other. He is enamored with Allie and has been since they were young adults. To remind own identity to her and to support their amazing love, Noah reads the pages from own notebook revealing the events of their life and his love for Allie. She had just removed herself from a bad relationship, and needed space to herself. He currently resides in North Carolina with his wife and five children.

Her husband left her two unexpected gifts. Ebert, Roger. When he got there Fin and Sarah were talking to a girl that Noah thought was the most beautiful and intriguing girl he'd ever laid eyes on, her name was Allie. He is born as the middle of three children. At First Sight is a successful book because it strongly describes the setting, goes in depth with the events, and keeps the readers guessing He reads the story of two young lovers that come from differing backgrounds but fall in love.

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Aristotle has identified a very sound structure for a dramatic presentation, and this structure to this day has been the most effective in bringing about pity and fear in an audience B page 76 1.

They both have similar way the two main characters met.

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She may be ready to risk caring for someone again but she just can't figure out who that person is yet He begins to read about a young girl named Allie Rachel McAdams who was visiting a cousin one summer in the late s It perfectly fits and displays the criteria for a successful romantic drama film because it includes the complexity of love, and elicits emotions.

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