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Your handwritten entries should be kept in a loose-leaf binder or folder, so you can track your process this semester.

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Bring to class what was due on Tuesday. This course is designed to help you improve your abilities to read, write, and think at the college level.

Laptops can be checked out from ClassTech in Robinson A if needed.

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How do you think that this impacts what the students are learning in school? These quizzes should be a cinch if youve done the reading the night before. Other Assignments Journals Part of what well do in this class is write about the process of reading and writing new things.

Remember the audience, your professor and teaching assistant so that the tone of the e-mail is appropriate. All judgments about plagiarism are made after careful review by the Honor Council, which may issue penalties ranging from grade-deductions to course failure to expulsion from GMU.

Some of these will be done on our class wiki; others will be handwritten. That means you can miss two classes without it lowering your participation gradebut youre still responsible for the homework due that day.

Please do not sleep, carry on private conversations, text, work on assignments for other classes, or check Facebook, 4 Gmail, etc. Writing to Save the World words or equivalent In this assignment, you will radically revise your researched argument essay into a piece of writing or performance that might make a real difference in the world.

Along the way, youll develop critical reading and research techniques to support your writing and use appropriate technologies to assist it.

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English Homework Help & Answers