Drug abusing fathers and their relationship with the children

Make sure you talk during your time together. In order to prepare the interviews for qualitative encoding and classifying, the text of each interview was studied several times and broken into themes. Instead, the social stigma against addicts and alcoholics discourages both parents and children from reaching out for help.

In order to resolve the ambiguity issues in cases where no similarities were found, the individuals were interviewed again and all the stages of processing and encoding were repeated. These numbers could include emergency services, teen hotlines, relatives who have helped you in the past, concerned neighbors, teachers, or anyone else you feel you could turn to if things get really bad.

prescription drugs and child custody

Collect emergency phone numbers. Then, the second interview was encoded according to the original model. Addicted parents often infringe on the emotional boundaries that allow children to develop independently, turning the child into an expert caretaker who lacks social skills or a sense of personal identity.

In their opinion, drug use and its related issues, such as depression which exists in most drug addicts, cause difficulty in establishing close relationships with children. Say them out loud until you feel comfortable with them, until they become part of the way you think about yourself. The National Council of State Legislatures NCSL lists parental substance abuse as one of the most common reasons that children run away from home or become homeless.

Depression or other physiological difficulties experienced by a parent in the throes of alcoholism can also increase the likelihood of the child experiencing problems with the substance later in life.

Drug abusing fathers and their relationship with the children

Often, the effects of their disease are felt most strongly by those closest to the person, namely their children. Finally, with respect to all the conditions, 35 interviews were performed according to particular conditions of each participant and the time he had appointed.

Know your children.

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Experiences of Drug Dependent Fathers in Relation with Their Children: A Qualitative Study