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I agree that there is a science behind alternative medicine; however, I feel that alternative medicine should be more strictly regulated.

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There were 15 of us total, not counting one or two who showed up late because of traffic. XXX was started the interview by saying, "Let's jump straight to the parts in your application that the committee is going to have questions about. Talk to us about your current GPA. Here is an answer example: "From what I understand, if the patient is of sound mind and they understand the risk they are taking by refusing medical assistance, I do not have the right to override her religious choice. You can keep your answer simple by discussing your ability to handle events involving blood, and other bodily fluids. This is a loaded question, indeed! Here is an answer example: "therapeutic privilege" By having insightful questions prepared, you are setting the stage for the interviewers to tell you many important and helpful details about their process, and their educational facility.

Do not repeat what is in your primary application. The interviewers would like to know your stance on this controversial subject. Here is an answer example: "I believe that, because there is such a huge shortage of physicians in rural areas, that students receiving federal assistance should do their part by practicing in these areas for a certain amount of time.

It looks like you aren't a member yet. What precipitated that decision? It is very important that you come to your interview prepared with questions for the interviewers at Drexel University. How do you respond to feedback and criticism?

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Talk to the interviewers about a book that you are currently reading. Here is an answer example: "therapeutic privilege" Rather than attempt to list all of the activities from the website, write about a few specifics with more clarity. We do, however, strive to match their background and expertise with the appropriate question sets found on our website. I do believe that we are evolving at a fast rate and I am happy to see how far this patient-centered attitude has come since I started my educational path within medicine. If I experience a major setback I will take a few moments to internally debrief, get some fresh air if possible, or discuss what I could have done differently with a mentor. They will treat all attending staff with respect and they will be dedicated to bettering themselves in their craft. I was rather amused watching how each person handled the stress, knowing full well that people-watching was how I handled my own. Having a self-development plan is incredibly important for anyone. There are many factors that could change this, such as a patient who was unconscious, under the influence of a narcotic, or perhaps had a language barrier. Why did I go to graduate school in neuroscience? A woman comes into the ER after a car accident. If you have work experience, you can also give some insight into major accomplishments. What other medical schools have you applied to and where does Drexel University rank?

Consider using an anecdote to spice up the answer. They do not necessarily have experience interviewing or working with companies, careers, or schools, in which they may write for on MockQuestions. The interviewers simply want to know if you are happy with your performance in the interview.

It's important to diversify where your news comes from and I would love some fresh suggestions. I can finally exhale because I was still packed in anticipation of 'the call' at which point I would have left my life here for you.

Some ideas for you: - Unrelenting drive - Desire for improvement - Accountability - Patience and Fortitude - Integrity - Optimism - Self Confidence Here is an answer example: "I believe that the most important quality for a Physician to possess is integrity.

People need to educate themselves better before jumping into 'all-natural' therapy.

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37 Drexel University Medical School Interview Questions ( +Answers)