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Namely, the networks within CoE PoliMaT are currently set as stable structures which are not continuously evolving, what is one of the key characteristic of virtual organizations Ojasalo, To attain that state, a communication model overcoming the complexities of the existing organizational structure while promoting organizational vision, mission and strategy, is to be developed.

Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology has a very important role in the period till the year In the document key stakeholders are considered.

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They are as follows: The internal stakeholders encompass employees, co-founders, management and the funder. Communication with all stakeholders, except with researchers, is presently a two-way communication.

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Two constructs of interest to management researchers and practitioners are job performance and job satisfaction. Physical Description.

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Communication goals, target stakeholders, communication channels and communication tone defined in the first phase of the Communication Strategy all present a basis for the proposed internal communication model depicted in Figure 1. To attain that state, a communication model overcoming the complexities of the existing organizational structure while promoting organizational vision, mission and strategy, is to be developed. Therefore a shared meaning, values and vision need to be formed in the future and thereby also a strong culture. Additionally, the main findings from exploratory interviews with 7 key researchers, who were also initiators of the CoE PoliMaT project, might be summarised in the following key conclusions: CoE PoliMaT is perceived as a part-time employer and physically remote from their basic organizations. It is based on a communication strategy and defines two levels of communication, the first one being the horizontal level of management. Table 1: Rigid and free approaches to management of innovation networks Rigid Free Duration of network Project-specific network Continuous network Reward from the network Profits Personal self-fulfillment Fundamental meaning of Network as means Network as and end network The nature of networked Traditional organization Virtual organization organization Planning, control, and trust Planning and control most Trust most important, important, trust desirable planning and control desirable Hierarchies, authority, and Hierarchies should be avoided or mimized; however, there coordination must be someone who has the highest authority and coordinates the operation Source: Ojasalo, Neufeld et al. The model was developed through an exploratory study using a case study approach supported by an internal survey. It defines communication channels between director and the chair of the Council of CoE PoliMaT while promoting the use of various electronic media e. The findings point to CoE PoliMaT being managed partly with a rigid and partly with a free approach to management of innovation networks. Trust in superiors, influence of superiors, accuracy of information, and desire for interaction acted as moderators of specific individual-job congruence relationships with performance and satisfaction. Communication model needs to simplify internal communication, make it more flexible, transparent and efficient, and must provide a solid infrastructure for achieving existing communication goals. Theoretical background Communication is defined as a social process, in which individuals employ symbols to establish and interpret meaning in their environment West and Turner, , 5 , as a transfer or exchange of ideas, information or thoughts in writing or orally during social interactions which occur among people Ting-Toomey and Chung, ; LeBaron, ; Khan, It enabled us to define main streams of communication among researchers of CoE PoliMaT what gave us a more specific account of communication within the institution.

Without effective communication, management or leadership is essentially irrelevant. The key research questions were: 1.

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