Discuss the salient features of hazlitt as an essayist

He has strong likes and dislikes, and though he often offends against taste and is swayed by prejudices and personal convictions yet, on the whole, his basic sanity and perception as a critic of life and literature cannot be gainsaid.

At puberty the child became somewhat sullen and unapproachable, tendencies that persisted throughout his life.

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Society is a more level surface than we imagine. Even then it has to be admitted that Lamb as a stylist is no model.

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There are few things in which we deceive ourselves more than in the esteem we profess to entertain for our friends. I never felt myself superior to any one, who did not go out of his way to affect qualities which he had not. It can be said that Wordsworth made himself the hero of his epic-like poem. Some of his "paradoxes" are so hyperbolic as to shock when encountered out of context: "All country people hate each other", for example, from the second part of "On Mr. However, he is famous for the lucidity and brilliance, in both style and content, of his many essays. It did not help that, when painting commissioned portraits, he refused to sacrifice his artistic integrity to the temptation to flatter his subjects for remunerative gain. Even so, many of his best essays were written during this difficult period and were collected in his two most famous books: Table Talk and The Plain Speaker Rambling across the countryside, they talked of poetry, philosophy, and the political movements that were shaking up the old order. In he was in Paris writing his life of Bonaparte, which was completed in four volumes in

The highest preeminence in any one study commonly arises from the concentration of the attention and faculties on that one study.

He has no patience with the mediocre and the middling but has an almost instinctive judgment to choose the best from the second-best.

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But that is all. Women never reason, and therefore they are comparatively seldom wrong. After a brief stay at America he returned to England where his literary genius ultimately flowered.

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In the prefaces to the speeches, he began to show a skill he would later develop to perfection, the art of the pithy character sketch.

It disappointed his friends.

Discuss the salient features of hazlitt as an essayist

The heaviest charge we can bring against the general texture of society is, that it is common-place; and many of those who are singular, had better be common-place. The best kind of conversation is that which may be called thinking aloud. If he gains the victory it is a victory of the intellect rather than emotion The learned in books is ignorant of the world. He analyzed his "insane passion" in the Liber Amoris, published in John Boynton Priestly, William Hazlitt , is a short study. In some situations, if you say nothing, you are called dull; if you talk, you are thought impertinent or arrogant. The first have got together a great number of facts and arguments in their own favour; the last never trouble their heads about the matter, but have taken the point for granted as self-evident. By , his work was considered good enough that a portrait he had recently painted of his father was accepted for exhibition by the Royal Academy. Whatever the theme of his essays, each of them is a reflection on human nature. To be forward to praise others, implies either great eminence, that can afford to part with applause; or great quickness of discernment, with confidence in our own judgments; or great sincerity and love of truth, getting the better of our self-love. It is great weakness to lay ourselves open to others, who are reserved towards us.
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William Hazlitt , Critic and Essayist: Romantic than Analytical; Sketches and Essays, "Nicknames"