Critiquing someone writing a story

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What are the relationships between characters? If the author did leave some conflict unresolved, did they indicate somewhere that future stories are pending? Has got any original ideas, or there is a feeling that you are already familiar with the book and the characters? Rana has been focusing mainly on her online business as well as on freelance writing, and has had articles published on dozens of respected websites and blogs. While reading, write a brief summary for each section. Williamson 5. Did the author use melodrama? When critiquing a short story, remember that every word must count. Instead, I will reveal things as we go along but I promise that I won't cheat. JBWB offer an excellent service at an affordable price. Hard copy should be double spaced and must be free of handwritten annotations or emendations. Did any character tend to talk in long monologues?

Have you noticed any inconsistencies in the way the event were developing, you everything is absolutely flawless? After that, the next step would be to either submit this to an agent who specializes in horror fiction or self-publish, if that is your intention.

Overall, the plot is unfolding naturally—or perhaps I should say, classically.

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Could the story have been improved by adding more details of the protagonist's or another character's reputation; stereotyped beliefs; their network of relations to other people; habits and patterns; talents and abilities; tastes and preferences; or physical description of their body?

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Suggest how to improve the article or the story, not the writer. For example, did John drive his new car on his vacation in chapter six but it wasn't until chapter ten that he bought it? Were the facts about the characters accurate and consistent?

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Were the characters sufficiently contrasted? Resolution of conflict: Did the conflict and tension in the plots and subplots come to some reasonable ending?

Critiquing someone writing a story

It is here that you should focus your efforts, assuming your goal as a critic is to help people, and not make them feel inferior or feeble. For example, I once wrote "fruits of mother nature" and "thoughts burning in his mind", both of which are cliches. Format of the text Was it easy to read or were the paragraphs too long or the lines too long not enough margin? Things you do not like in the story may very well appeal to a fan of that genre. Overall, the plot is unfolding naturally—or perhaps I should say, classically. You can also issue a disclaimer letting the writer know that some of the elements in his or her work are not to your personal taste. We want Taylz to be the place that serious writers choose. Overly critical readers sometimes need to be reminded that all pieces of writing have something going for them. Williamson 5. It can be awkward at first — after all, who wants to be the bearer of bad news and almost every critique contains at least a little bad news?
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10 Tips for Critiquing Other People's Writing