Comparing math curriculum between the united

teaching math in china

For example, peer evaluations and student evaluations are becoming more important. Gabriele Kaiser gave her reflection from a European perspective, drawing on her knowledge of U. In the upper secondary level, calculus is compulsory in Germany.

She noted the relative isolation of the SMPs from the content. Some require only two years of mathematics. Chinese teachers have fewer classes than do U. Many of them are developing new materials. So the existence of the CCSS is influencing the development of textbooks and changes in textbooks.

Remillard summarized: In the United States, we are trying to create a common set of standards, but to do that, all the pieces that influence the system need to be aligned and come into play.

In its absence, guidance will be left to textbook publishers, Stein said. Higher refers to more demanding content. There is an intensive focus on argumentation and proof.

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