Child directed speech and infants language development

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Language, 4, — Lee et al. It is thought to appeal more to babies and that they pay more attention when they are spoken to in this manner.

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Infants in both conditions were familiarized with 4 lists of words, two lists of trochees and two lists of iambs, and tested with the remaining 16 lists of words, 8 lists of trochees, and 8 lists of iambs.

Participants Forty-eight monolingual English-learning 9-month-old infants 24 females, 24 males with no known history of developmental delay or hearing loss participated in the study. Psychological Science 9: One of the prosodic properties that infants attend to during the first year of life is the lexical stress pattern.

Google Scholar Bateson, M. Pedagogy, Culture and Society, 7: 3, — The longer-term effects of corrective input: an experimental approach.

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The Inevitability of Child Directed Speech