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Education and training therefore tap these resources and develop them to the fullest potential. Their love of the nature and their beliefs in the use of natural objects to express art are ideal for art lovers.

four challenges faced by the justice system in the caribbean

Examine how freedom of the press impacts on development in the Caribbean? A persons wealth is directly linked to their role in society e.

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Analyze the nature of this impact for the Caribbean. In the Caribbean several hundred tremors are felt yearly, some too small to be measured. The unspoilt countryside are particularly appealing to the eco-tourist. Programmes are also put in place to strengthen and tear down weak buildings. As such, it is evident that the Caribbean region is fashioned off our European counterparts with respects to our social institutions. This is mainly as we as a people, tend to change over time and as such change our cultures rapidly. Prior to the arrival of the Europeans, Pre- Columbian society was very much organized and it revolved around religion, agriculture, economy, and polities. For examples, some hotels in the region are made so as to shift along with the earth so as to prevent major damages. By the provision of services such as travel, accommodation, food, and recreational activities, to tourists the region can rank tourism as a major earner of foreign exchange to either bauxite or oil.

There are many attempts to evade the poorer people of society from their state e. Fish varieties abound due to the natural coral habitat which provides an assortment of fish food.

CAPE Assess the measures that Caribbean countries can realistically undertake to minimize the dangers posed by earthquakes. To what extend do you agree with this statement.

Social stratification exists when this inequality becomes patterned and institutionalized. The way we spell, speak, communicate and teach others are directly fashioned off our European counterpart so much so that even now, a Caribbean individual can apply and attain a job in European countries using our educational background.

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Hence from that we get most of our points. As such, social stratification is structured social inequality. Christianity both Roman Catholicism and Protestant is the most influential and dominant religious body in the Caribbean society and it influences our laws, values and beliefs. In addition to this, she has hosted scholarly workshops on music and culture in Europe, Latin America, South America, the United States and the Caribbean. As such we can feel comfortable around the natives of the country we settle and merge along with them over time. Thus the availability of physical resources and the consequent development of industries attract high population densities. She has professional memberships in international organizations which include the Society for Ethnomusicology, the International Association of the Study for Popular Music, Caribbean Studies Association and the Association of Black Sociologists. As a Music Sociologist she has a consultancy practice in which she provides her clients with insight into the sociological framing of society using the lens of lyrics as the main unit of analysis. The Europeans had come to the region in prospects of exploiting such resources and in an attempt to do so have established the region into an economic unit creating large scale plantations on the best suited lands.

Haralambos and Halborn believes that social stratification refers to the presence of distinct social groups ranked one above the other based on such merits as prestige, influence and power. Reefs protect coastal villages, coastal lowlands and hotels from marine destruction.

Four challenges faced by the justice system in the caribbean

It is after all evident that some sees it as purely economical, social or political. These therefore influence the way industries are set out and as mentioned before people tend to live in areas near to their jobs. We have diversified the regions economy significantly by the introduction of new crops, exporting of bauxite and oil etc. As such, the physical landscape has influenced settlement patterns in the region. The educational system tends to direct the young towards educational and social choices that are strongly linked to their social class background and which lead to the maintenance of the class structure. As human beings they have special innate skills and talents that when developed can be put to good use. CAPE Suggest ways in which the tourism industry in the Caribbean can further advance development in the region. Interest on loans and repatriation of profits by foreign investors result in economic leakages. Augustine Campus, Trinidad and Tobago. Rastafarianism as a popular culture is seen in our music, fashion and food among other things. The barrier reef in Belize, for example, is the home of ten hard Coral and over species of fish. As such candidates may address Music, Dance, Drama or Art and Sculpture for art forms and for popular culture one may choose Rastafarianism, Carnivals, Literature, Reggae etc. This may achieve in writings in the newspaper, messages on the television PSAs etc. As such measures should be implemented to improve the human resources. Since tourism is such an important part of the economy, the government must ensure the well being of the visitors as well as the locals.

The Mass media to a significant extent they, control what we see and know by deciding what programs to air, what news stories to feature and which issues to represent. Trained personnel to manage all aspects of the tourist industry are of vital necessity.

Linkages exist in many areas such as agriculture, manufacturing, constructions, culture music, dances etc.

describe how the physical landscape has influenced settlement patterns in the caribbean
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