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Do you have advice for others who need SlideShare visibility? You want any viewer to immediately recognize this deck as coming from your organization. Provide more value on the blog post or landing content when they click through — either via the blog post or via a further free download.

This is a common issue, so SlideShare actually recommends that if you want to be able to use any font in your presentation, save the presentation as a PDF and upload the PDF file.

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Use SlideShare to summarize long content. Images are only one of the effective visuals that could be used. By breaking it up into sections, you make it easier for the viewer to know where they are in the overall story. Focus on the visual content. Focus on the visual medium when creating SlideShare presentations because that is what people who watch SlideShare presentations expect to see. Make a conscious choice based on the message that slide is communicating. Try it Out Unlike other social platforms that are saturated with competition, SlideShare is still relatively open. And… tease us. This can enable you to build your authority with the same content across multiple platforms. If you are showing data, such as the comparison of tensile strength of your widget compared to the competition, a graph will be a better visual. In this new age of information abundance when everyone is flooding the web with text-based content, visual content can help you set apart. When embedding the SlideShare deck, make sure you use the iframe embed code that they give you on the embed page as done here , not the WordPress shortcode. Then, when you start each section of the deck, have a road sign slide that lets the viewer know that they have reached this spot in the journey.

Remember… you are not in SlideShare presenting. How do you plan to use SlideShare?

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Here are some tips for creating the different types of slides that make up a SlideShare deck. Create slides for each major heading and subpoints. You Suck At PowerPoint! When you find the template you want to use, double-click it, or select it and click Create. At the start of the deck you can have a slide that tells the viewer what the major sections will be, based on your outline. All you have to do is register for the webinar here from inside of your Authority account. Simple and direct: You should keep your slides short and direct. If viewers get bored, they can quickly flip forward to the part that interests them. Read on for seven ways you can use SlideShare to get your content in front of more people. SlideShare is an obvious fit for visual content.

If viewers get bored, they can quickly flip forward to the part that interests them. When you seek out the help of a professional design team, you get the time and attention that you need to achieve the result you want, plus the dedicated expertise necessary to create something that will work in all of your projects and presentations.

Slides that had no text before needed text.

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SlideShare Best Practices to Expand Your Reach on Social Media