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While the children are pulled away for a kids-only buffet, Jake briefly smiles at Ginger, causing her to tearfully tell Eddy how truly happy she is, and them to agree that they are ultimately going to be a beautiful family. That following Saturday, Lauren and Brendan go to support Tyler at his game, along with Jen, Dick, whom Jen has worked things out with, and his kids.

On the last night of the trip, Lauren puts on a beautiful black dress that she admired earlier. Lauren commits to using Jen's portion of the holiday without knowing that Jim intends using Dick's, or that the hotel accommodation is for a romantic suite.

Lauren and Jim run into each other while on errands to the pharmacy to get a personal item for one of their own children. At the kids' behest, Jim goes to Lauren's house to give her flowers, only to find her ex-husband Mark there, pretending to be back with Lauren.

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Meanwhile, Jim and Lauren are sat down for a romantic dinner, which Lauren soon discovers was actually planned by Jim specifically for her. Although Espn is not fully ready to move on from her mother's passing, she also doesn't want her dad, or herself to lose Lauren.

Jim and his daughters arrive to show encouragement, inspiring Tyler to hit the ball. Both Sandler and Barrymore will be returning to familiar ground in the hope of reviving acting careers that have slipped into fallow territory. The new film will centre on two people who find themselves stuck together in a family resort with their children from previous marriages after the aforementioned disastrous romantic coupling.

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She did, however, make a successful foray into directing with the well-received roller derby comedy Whip It in and was part of the ensemble for the box office hit He's Just Not That Into You the same year.

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