An analysis of the topic of the intellectual property law and the protection of products

No product patents were granted for drugs and food items.

Types of intellectual property rights

Microbial strains used for developing a drug or vaccine needs to be specified in the patent document. The knowledge revolution, which we are sure to witness, will demand a special pedestal for IP and treatment in the overall decision-making process. A limited number of applications relate to engineering, electronics, and chemicals. In practically all countries the world over, a national legal system of intellectual property rights have evolved; this has been created over varying periods of time during the last years or so. It took almost eight years for Carlson to find an investor who was willing to invest in the invention. Depositing a strain also costs money, but this is not much if one is not dealing with, for example cell lines. Shukla S.

IPR enhances technology advancement in the following ways:[ 1 — 4 ] a it provides a mechanism of handling infringement, piracy, and unauthorized use b it provides a pool of information to the general public since all forms of IP are published except in case of trade secrets.

If the strain is already known and reported in the literature usually consulted by scientists, then the situation is simple. It is an unfairness that cannot be cured by legislative reform alone.

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The trend of granting patents started in the fourteenth century. Stretching the limits of intellectual property rights: Has the pharmaceutical industry gone too far?

Intellectual property rights notes

In other words, it looks at practical IP issues of relevance to different stages in the whole new product development process in which technological innovations may be introduced at different stages of the value chain from the producer to the end user. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, p. Such a legal right comes into existence only when the requirements of the relevant IP law are met and, if required, it is granted or registered after following the prescribed procedure under that law. Law relating to intellectual property A complete comprehensive material on intellectual property covering acts, rules, conventions, treaties, agreements, case-Law and much more [ Google Scholar ] 2. The important IP issue associated would be the protection of such databases of personal information. The reason is that no one has earlier used that combination for producing an insecticide or fertilizer or drug. Bainbridge DI. This obviates the need of describing a life form on paper. The IP system plays a significant role in helping a business to gain and retain its innovation-based advantage. However, for the sake of simplicity, it is assumed in this article that all actions concerning innovation in relation to new product development happen within an enterprise. Indeed, any technical, trade, commercial, or other information, may be capable of being the subject of protection.

Such information can provide useful insight into whether an idea is new or not state-of-the art and whether to proceed further in developing an idea. Such opportunities include sale, licensing, and various types of strategic business partnerships or alliances in commercializing it.

While looking for the global market, one has to ensure that requirements different regulatory authorities must be satisfied.

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IP also plays an important role in safely navigating the "valley of death. Developed in by Felix Hoffman, a research chemist working with Bayer Company in Germany, the drug was patented in by the Bayer Company. London: Kluwer Law International; The basic reason for patenting an invention is to make money through exclusivity, i.

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Intellectual property rights: An overview and implications in pharmaceutical industry