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The idea of assassinating Qasim may have been Nasser's, and there is speculation that some of those who participated in the operation received training in Damascus , which was then part of the UAR. Yet he also wanted to instill fear in enemies like Iran and Israel, plus maintain the esteem of Arabs, by claiming that he possessed the weapons. On October 7, , Saddam and other members of the Ba-ath Party attempted to assassinate Iraq's then-president, Abd al-Karim Qasim, whose resistance to joining the nascent United Arab Republic and alliance with Iraq's communist party had put him at odds with the Ba'athists. The United States and eventually 33 other nations deployed forces to the region and warned of a wider war if Mr. He lived in a relatively spartan cell consisting of a bed, a toilet, a chair, a towel, some books and a prayer rug. You can search the record in vain for major voices claiming, before the war, that Iraq didn't have chemical weapons. Despite all the criticism of what happened after Saddam's defeat, these facts are indisputable. We welcome outside contributions. Imprisonment, torture, mutilation and execution were frequent occurrences, at least for those who chose to dabble in anything vaguely political. I then became the first to debrief him after his capture that December. In , al-Bakr started to make treaties with Syria, also under Ba'athist leadership, that would lead to unification between the two countries. Being exiled in Egypt at the time, Saddam played no role in the coup or the brutal anti-communist purge that followed; although he returned to Iraq after the coup, Saddam remained "on the fringes of the newly installed Ba'thi administration and [had] to content himself with the minor position of a member of the Party's central bureau for peasants," in the words of Efraim Karsh and Inari Rautsi [33] Unlike during the Qasim years, Saddam remained in Iraq following Arif's anti-Ba'athist purge in November , and became involved in planning to assassinate Arif.

However, if security and political stability cannot be achieved in the wake of military victory, the gains that will be made could be short-lived. After Saddam's overthrow, the United States should have turned its attention to the regimes in Iran and Syria.

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But on the second, more intensive search, under a trap door, Mr. During the meeting, a list of 68 names was read out loud, and each person on the list was promptly arrested and removed from the room. On August 20, , after years of intense conflict that left hundreds of thousands dead on both sides, a ceasefire agreement was finally reached. The minarets resembled Scud missiles, and the mosque held a Koran written with 28 gradually donated liters of Mr. Saddam's personality cult reflected his efforts to appeal to the various elements in Iraqi society. To the horror of historic preservationists, he had the ancient walls of the former capital, Babylon, completely reconstructed using tens of thousands of newly fired bricks. We will include some of the top responses in our Iraq 10 series. Long before Saddam, Iraq had been split along social, ethnic, religious, and economic fault lines: Sunni versus Shi'ite , Arab versus Kurd , tribal chief versus urban merchant, nomad versus peasant. He lived in a relatively spartan cell consisting of a bed, a toilet, a chair, a towel, some books and a prayer rug. He often traveled as he had during the first gulf war, in a battered orange and white Baghdad taxi. Wars to impose democracy invariably fail. At the same time, Iraq remained under intense international scrutiny as well. In addition to the People's Army, the Department of General Intelligence was the most notorious arm of the state-security system, feared for its use of torture and assassination. In the summer of , for example, Riyadh Ibrahim Hussein, the health minister, suggested during a cabinet meeting that Mr.

Iraq claimed it had eliminated its weapons of mass destruction, but refused to provide UN weapons inspectors any information to corroborate those claims. Before the s, most of Iraq's people lived in the countryside and roughly two-thirds were peasants.

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Other high-ranking members of the party formed the firing squad. Despite this and the fact that his military had suffered a crushing defeat, Saddam claimed victory in the conflict. Hussein portrayed the invasion as the start of an Islamic holy war to liberate Jerusalem. In a letter dated April 28 that was faxed to Al Quds al Arabi, an Arabic newspaper published in London, he blamed traitors for his ouster and urged Iraqis to rebel. Although I found Saddam to be thoroughly unlikeable, I came away with a grudging respect for how he was able to maintain the Iraqi nation as a whole for as long as he did. Commanders also constantly lied to him about their state of preparedness. The collapse came so quickly that Mr. The result was brutal fighting between the government and Kurdish groups and even Iraqi bombing of Kurdish villages in Iran, which caused Iraqi relations with Iran to deteriorate. Saddam's self-aggrandising propaganda, with himself posing as the defender of Arabism against Jewish or Persian intruders, was heavy-handed, but consistent as a drumbeat. This is what opponents of the Iraq war have long professed to want. Hussein step down to ease the negotiation of a cease-fire with Iran.

On August 20,after years of intense conflict that left hundreds of thousands dead on both sides, a ceasefire agreement was finally reached.

The fatal controversy over whether Iraq was still developing unconventional weapons stemmed in part from Mr.

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Saudi Arabia and other conservative Arab states were shaken and outraged, while the United States and other Western countries feared for the oil fields ringing the Persian Gulf.

Barzan Ibrahim al-TikritiSaddam's younger half-brothercommanded Mukhabarat. His favorite snack was Doritos corn chips, his guards said.

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Foreign observers believed that from this department operated both at home and abroad in its mission to seek out and eliminate Saddam's perceived opponents.

Hussein cited both Vietnam and the hasty American withdrawal from Somalia in as evidence, and did not take the threat of regime change seriously.

One might as well pine for Stalin or Tito.

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Question of the day: Was removing Saddam Hussein in fact a good thing?