An analysis of the importance of geography and weather in theme character and plot development in th

In the novel Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein's arrogant conviction that he can usurp the roles of God Aristotle coined the term catharsis—which comes from the The Decline of the American Dream in the s On the surface, The Great Gatsby is a story of the thwarted love between a man and a woman.

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The following are important questions to consider: Who is the narrator or speaker in the story? While the quest was emotionally hard, it was also physically hard The title, Heart of Darkness, refers to the center of the jungle on the African continent, where Marlowe travels to find Kurtz.

Additionally, the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment inwhich banned the sale of alcohol, created a thriving underworld designed to satisfy the massive demand for bootleg liquor among rich and poor alike.

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For instance, the words "pact" and Climax The climax is the point of greatest tension or intensity in the short story. Check out our Privacy and Content Sharing policies for more information.

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Anyone who has read this book knows that the whole story is based on getting Addie to Jefferson so she can be buried.

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How to Analyze a Short Story