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Anticipating "glasnost" by two hundred years, all sections of society were encouraged to present their grievances in writing, through the famous "cahiers de plaintes et doleances" notebooks of grievances.

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By the end of the Jacobin Club in Paris had 1, members—almost all members of the radical middle class. Nor was this a complete formality, as has been alleged.

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The feudal regime had been weakened step-by-step and had already disappeared in parts of Europe. Robespierre, after being vilified for generations, is now afforded a grudging acceptance. In the 20th century nowhere has the bourgeoisie in the colonial and ex-colonial countries played anything but a reactionary role. A similar process can be observed in the English Revolution of the midth century, where Cromwell's Model Army played an analogous role to both the clubs and the soviets. The workers, artisans and journeymen of the Fauborg St. If Nelson chances upon the unwieldy French fleet, with its vulnerable cargo of infantry and cavalry some 38, men in all , horses, artillery and scientists, the result is likely to go heavily against the French. The wealthy demanded "order" and protection against the Paris sans culottes. Troops disobeyed orders and refused to fire on the people. Today as then, revolutionary theory played a key role. They meet little resistance, because the Dutch are by now disenchanted with the rule of the Orange dynasty. In fifteen days you have gained six victories, taken twenty-one colours and fifty-five pieces of artillery, seized several fortresses and conquered the richest parts of Piedmont.

The Tuileries Palace was stormed and Louis forced to flee for protection to the very Assembly against which he was conspiring!

They feared that the masses would not stop at the abolition of the aristocracy's feudal privileges but mount an assault on property itself Brissot, leader of the Girondins, railed against "disorganisers" who would "level everything - properties, wealth, the price of stables, the various services owed to society.

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They were also the party of war. Toulon was treacherously surrendered to the English. Inside the Convention, the "crapuds du Marais" frogs of the Marsh , former Girondin sympathisers, the vacillating centre, cowed and silent in the previous period, became restive. To persuade the people to fight, the Jacobins made concessions to the demands of the masses. He notes that this fear was compounded by the Brunswick manifesto of 25 July, which had threatened collective punishment of Paris should the Tuileries palace be attacked or the king or royal family harmed the Tuileries were attacked on 10 August and the king subsequently imprisoned with his family. The fact, as Alex de Tocqueville explains, that some of these rights had fallen into disuse and they were levied unevenly in certain regions, merely helped to highlight the anachronistic nature of feudal rights and render their existence still more intolerable. On the right were the members of the Feuillants Club, a collection of reactionary nobles, clergy and monarchists. Now the only nation still at war with France is her traditional enemy, Britain. Houndmills, ; Joseph II London:, ; and ed. This event is rapidly followed by plague in the French army, and by the famous moment of flamboyant courage when Napoleon, to reassure his men, visits and touches the sick in the plague hospital at Jaffa. On 9 November 18 Brumaire, according to the revolutionary calendar , Bonaparte seized power in a coup, with the support of Barras and Sieyes. The result is a treaty enlisting Holland in the war on the French side. But even in the classical period of the bourgeois revolution. The French fleet narrowly missed one night by Nelson, passing close in the dark reaches Egypt unobserved at the end of June. This was no idle threat.

The war on land: During the summer of alliances against France are made between Britain, Russsia, Prussia, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Sardinia meaning the region of Piedmont between France and Italy, together with the island of Sardinia and Naples the whole of southern Italy together with the island of Sicily.

Part One:Fall of the Bastille The th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille is the occasion of national celebrations in France, a flood of books, articles and TV programmes, presenting opinions for all tastes.

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Today as then, revolutionary theory played a key role. They are called Sardinians because the duke of Savoy is also the king of Sardinia, a senior title. All the conditions for a monarchist coup were prepared. The power of the aristocracy was broken. At the other extreme, with the threat of counter-revolution removed, the propertied classes, including now a big section of the peasantry, reacted against the years of "storm and stress". Paris, with a population of about half a million, was by far the biggest, permitting it to play a decisive role in the events which were to unfold. However, the nobles replied by pointing out the facts of life as seen by them. The generals found their armies melting away.

Troops disobeyed orders and refused to fire on the people. But again the "sans culottes" saved the day. The Prussians had invaded from the East.

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The government of the Terror was "a regime that can only be described as criminal" p. The socialist revolution can only be brought about by the conscious activity of the masses fighting for their self-emancipation. They meet little resistance, because the Dutch are by now disenchanted with the rule of the Orange dynasty. Pressurised by the masses, the Jacobins carried the bourgeois revolution to its limits and, to some extent, beyond, making inroads into private property. But there is already a major snag. During the British seize several of the smaller French islands in the Caribbean, at an extremely heavy cost in terms of troops dying of yellow fever. The revolution spanning from to saw mass social and political change in France culminating in the abolition of the French monarchy and replacement with a secular and democratic republic. The Hebertists now controlled the Cordeliers Club, Danton's old base, and talked openly about the "sacred right of insurrection".

The bourgeois revolution differs from the socialist revolution just as the capitalist system differs from socialism. Toulon was treacherously surrendered to the English.

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Analysis of the French Revolution