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Her new power might even work for adults, such as the teacher Mr.

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Summary of Film For our popular culture piece, we chose the romantic-comedy Easy A. It tackles the issue of slut-shaming head on.

easy a movie analysis

But she's overheard by Marianne Amanda Bynesa self-righteous religious type who passes the story round as an object lesson to wayward girls: Don't become a fallen woman like Olive.

So please, take that into account when reading my analysis of this film. For more information on choosing credible sources for your paper, check out this blog post.

But no, no, John Hughes did not direct my life. Let me first say, before anything else, that I love this movie. Olive agrees to have fake sex with him at a house-party. Principal Gibbons: This is public school. Easy A is the story about a girl in high school who tells a lie to her best friend, saying that she slept withan imaginary boyfriend that she doesn't actually have. From Mrs. In this case, Olive is simply embarrassed to admit she spent a whole weekend at home alone, so she improvises a goofy story about having lost her virginity to a college boy. The movie works because its funny, yes, but also because it's smart. Even though it eventually started wearing her, she still manages to overcome and defeat it. Olive is under the presumption that Anson is making her an offer, but Anson corrects her as he wants to actually have sex with her.

By allowing word to get out that she and Brandon have shared blissful congress, she is able to bring an end to the bullying hard to believe no one in East Ojai has heard of a gay and a straight having sex, but this Ojai is one created specifically for the convenience of a movie comedy, and people believe what the plot requires them to believe.

She is overly gossipy, and turns on her friend halfway through the movie.

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Movie review: 'Easy A' makes the snarky grade